Amazing Teaching Method Helps Kids Ages 4-8
Easily Learn And Remember
Any Lesson Or Activity You Present
At Home Or In School 

Mary Beth Spann Mank here and, just like you, I love teaching and helping kids learn.
I know you're eager to hear all about the "Amazing Teaching Method" mentioned above.  (You're gonna love it...!)   
But first, I want to share with you a little story that may sound a bit unbelievable—but I swear every word is true…
Recently, while out and about, I swung by a neighborhood sandwich shop to grab a quick take-out supper for my son, James, and me.

While placing my order, I began chatting with the young man behind the counter.

He looked to be about the same age as my James, so I asked if they knew each other, maybe from high school.

“Sure! I know James,” he grinned. “I know you, too.”

“You do? You know me?” I said pointing to myself. 
“I’m so sorry,” I confessed. “I don’t remember meeting you…
James brought so many friends over to the house…"

“I never came to your house,” he said.

“You didn’t?” I replied. "Then how in the world...?" 
“Because, you visited our class when James and I were in kindergarten,”
he explained. “I remember you had a little bear puppet. It was fun!”
                                My Jaw Dropped! It Was True!
Sixteen years earlier, on only one occasion, I had indeed taken Kerry Koala, my koala bear puppet, to James’ kindergarten class to present a writing activity to him and his young classmates. 
I still remember that cozy feeling as James and his little friends gathered 'round on the Kindergarten carpet. I still remember their bright, shining faces as they leaned in to listen, and I still remember how much fun it was to make Kerry speak as she introduced the book project we were about to do that day...
  So . . . Right About Now You're Probably Thinking . . .
"Oh I see, Mary Beth! So you use PUPPETS during class visits to capture kids' attention and help them remember what they learned.
"So that's your 'Amazing Teaching Method!' Of course the kids listened to you and your puppets—you were a novelty: a parent volunteer, not a full time teacher or homeschooling parent who works with the same kids and the same materials and the same curriculum day after day!  
"That 'day in and day out' reality can be quite different than how kids behave during one special visit, don't you agree?"   
Well, yes and no!  
Fact is, I stumbled upon the practice of using puppets with kids years earlier when I was a just starting out as a beginning full-time classroom teacher. 
Back then, I had taken a new job at a new school where teaching about Australia was a large part of the Third Grade Curriculum. 
Frankly, I was scared. I had very limited experience working with kids of
that age group and, to make matters worse, I knew nothing about Australia. 
But, like you, I was eager to be the best teacher I could for my young students, and I was willing to do whatever it took to get there. 
Days before that school year started, I spotted a koala bear puppet in a gift shop. I picked it up and tried it on, thinking it might help make my foray into teaching Australia a bit easier. 
I named the puppet, Kerry Koala, and brought it to school that first day. My kids loved Kerry. She was wildly popular with both boys and girls.

I was just beginning to congratulate myself on how very clever I was  ...
                        But Then The Real Trouble Began . . . 
I soon started noticing that, as soon as my kids arrived to class each day, they'd practically trampled each other in an attempt to be the first to claim Kerry for the morning. 
All day long, my kids begged for permission to have Kerry out of her box.
They'd argue incessantly over whose turn it was to hold her, who held her last and whose turn it would be to hold her next. 
I try to view everyday problems as teachable moments, so I began pulling ideas out of my big bag of class management strategies. I tried one idea after another, but nothing worked for long.
Finally, the whole thing came to a head when I caught two angry children pulling Kerry in opposite directions, as if she were warm taffy!
Frustrated and fed up, I took Kerry away from my kids.  

          I Was All Set To Give Up On Puppets Completely . . . 

But before I did, a turn of events involving Kerry had me going back to the drawing board to figure out ways to manage having puppets in my classroom.  
Clearly, I had to establish parameters for our puppet interactions that prevented kids' behavior from running off the rails.

Obviously, it was not OK for kids to argue nonstop over puppets. Nor was it acceptable for them to run after each other while wearing puppets or to rip puppets to shreds. 
In addition, I was determined to keep puppet interactions pleasant, playful and pure, so I came up with management techniques that included not one drop of negativity.

And I'm happy to report it all worked!   
Not only were these unique and unexpected management solutions successful in managing kids' behavior in positive ways—they changed the way I used puppets as teaching tools with kids forever.   

After the management piece was taken care of, I found that there was no limit to the ways I could use puppets with my kids.
  Over Time, And Through A Period Of Trial And Error, I Developed
           A Slew Of Powerful And Effective Teaching Techniques 
                               All Involving Puppet Personalities . . .

In fact, puppets  performed in our class like magical problem-solvers.   
Thanks To Puppets, I Was Able To...
    √  Connect with kids in new and meaningful ways
    √  Spice up boring lessons and ho-hum skills and drills
    √  Help kids master skills and concepts they once found challenging
    √  Problem-solve with kids in ways I never would have thought possible.
    √  Promote a mutual climate of tolerance and respect
    √  Reduce negativity and stress while dialing up the fun
    √  Look forward to each new day of teaching and learning!
As A Result.... 
    √  My wiggle worms relaxed and focused 
    √  My chatterboxes turned into “good listeners
    √  My shy quiet ones became enlivened and animated  
    √  My reluctant learners dropped their defenses and completed their work
    √  My angry, aggressive ones turned into cooperative peacemakers
    √  My eager beavers became eager for more, and...
    √  We enjoyed a happy, playful, creative and productive classroom climate 
             Then, Totally Jazzed By My Puppet Discoveries,
                                 I Began To Spread The Word... 
• I wrote and published articles about teaching with puppets and about their power to make a difference in the lives of children and the adults who care for them.
• I published a book with Scholastic titled, Learn the Alphabet Puppet Pals.
• I traveled around the country presenting a stream of workshops and seminars, all on the wonders of using puppet as teaching tools. 
• And, of course, I used my puppets to volunteer sharing stories and activities in my own children's classrooms.
      "So, What Does All Of This Mean For ME?" You Ask
Simply put, it means something stupendous for you!  Let me explain...
In my travels, I met and talked with countless other parents and teachers willing to pay good money to learn and experiment with the strategies that had worked so well for me.

They, too, were looking for creative ways to get kids excited about schoolwork without piling yet another thing on their mountain of things to do.

                     I Taught Them Everything I Knew—
                                           I Left Nothing Out 
After that, I invited them to try the same ideas with their kids and we shared the results together. 
We swapped stories of kids listening better and participating more. We offered tales of aggressive kids who showed their tender, caring sides and of reluctant readers who blossomed. We talked about math-challenged kids who agreed to help a puppet practice numbers and operations. 

Every single teacher and parent who signed up for my puppet presentations—
a full 100% of them— agreed that using puppets with their kids did wonders for their teaching and learning experiences, just the same way puppets had done wonders for mine. 
                               I Wish I Could Invite You To Join Us
                      In One of My LIVE Puppetry Workshops,
                                                But I Can't . . . 
I know you would be thrilled with the results you would get with your kids.
I know you would say it was one of the best things that ever happened to your teaching and their learning. 
Sadly, attending one of my puppet workshops is not a possibility at this time. I'm not  scheduling live workshops at the moment, so I can't share my secrets with you in person, no matter how much you might be willing to pay.

But! There's still a way for me to share with you everything I know about using puppets as teaching tools so that...  
      You, Too Can Enjoy Extraordinary Results With Your Kids!
“How?” you ask. It’s easy!    
I’ve compiled into one terrific new resource guide all of my very best teaching tips, techniques and secrets for using puppets to enhance school lessons and activities with your children in your home or classroom.  
Introducing. . .
The Official Handbook for
Teaching with Puppets:
The Playful Way to Help Children Learn at School and at Home  

   This quick-reading, totally affordable guide explains in detail the very same successful puppetry method I use with kids
and the very same method I shared with the countless number of
parents and teachers who attended my
workshops and seminars across the country!
(It even includes the complete story of how
Kerry Koala made her big comeback to our class and ended up being the best darn teaching assistant a teacher could ask for!)

This handbook is the next best thing to
getting together with me in person! 

Quite honestly, I hold nothing back!

In it (besides the rest of the Kerry Koala story) you’ll discover:

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Mary Beth  Spann Mank

PS Think about it: if my young sandwich artist can actually remember the one and only classroom encounter he had with a puppet that took place 16 years ago,
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