“I’ll never forget the day I overheard a Kindergarten teacher utter something
SO TOTALLY DISTURBING, I could only hope and pray I had misunderstood!”

Mary Beth Spann of Learning with Puppets here, and I know you're going to shake your head in disbelief at the story I'm about to tell you...but I swear it's all 100% true!

The whole thing began innocently enough…

I was leading an after-school puppetry workshop, helping a group of teachers learn how to use puppets as teaching tools, when one weary-sounding attendee managed to rock my world—and not in a good way—when she said . . .

                         “They might as well take the toys
                        out of my Kindergarten classroom.
                       We don’t have time for play anyway!”

My jaw dropped! 

                YIKES! No Time For Play In Kindergarten?
                          How Was That Even Possible?

I turned to the rest of the teachers in my group, certain they would tell me this "No-Play-In-Kindergarten" situation was unique. 

But, Nooooooo!

Much to my horror, the rest of the teachers sighed and nodded in agreement. 

As they saw it. . . 
play in Kindergarten was becoming an endangered species. 

Since that day, things have only gone from bad to worse...

          Life In Kindergarten—Indeed In ALL Elementary Grades—Has Taken A Turn For The Serious 

Nowadays, it's quite common to hear Teachers and Parents everywhere complaining that...

         • "Paper and pencil tasks, along with computer skills, are 
           beginning to replace play, art, music and recess."

        • "Test preps and test results are becoming a more
             important focus than helping kids discover their
             interests and passions and teaching to their

        • "Teaching terms such as 'creativity,' 'child-centered' and
           'thematic' are being replaced by other more worrisome
           and somber references, such as 'standardized,'
           'rigorous' and 'college and career ready.' "

The more I've talked to parents and teachers like you, the more I hear about the challenges of teaching in this current culture that seems to push kids and their interests aside in favor of preparing them for careers that we aren't even sure will exist when they get there fifteen or twenty years from now! 

And, it pains me to think that if we adults are feeling rushed and crushed by an overload of curriculum, endless tests and hours of homework, how must the kids be feeling? 

It seems that almost everywhere, tougher standards and standardized tests are putting the squeeze on creative, funfilled and meaningful educational explorations

And, that got me thinking. . ." 

"How Can We Make Sure Joyful Creativity
  Remains Alive And Well In Our Children's
  Education Experiences—
                       No Matter What ?!"  

Now, If you know anything at all about me, you know I've experienced great success using puppets as teaching tools.   

So naturally, my next thought was "Of course, puppets are the answer!
They're a fun, easy way to keep play and creativity alive and well in the day while also captivating children's attention!"

But then I remembered those teachers in my workshop. They liked the idea of puppets. After all, they signed up to take my puppet class designed to teach them how to use puppets with their kids.

while all my teacher-participants agreed that puppet personalities are fun and easy to develop, these same teachers were also hard-pressed to devote the focus necessary to create puppet personalities kids would care about.  

After all, busy teachers and homeschooling parents like you have a MILLION other demands tugging at your time and attention. 

Then, too, even though puppets are indeed powerful teaching tools,
every teacher and parent is not comfortable with the idea of speaking through a puppet! 

What to do? What to do?

Then it hit me! I could do all the work FOR you!   

                              Introducing my
         Learning with Puppets "Done-For-You"
                     Collection of Ready-To-Use 
                Puppet Videos and Printables 

This fantastic collection provides you with everything you need to instantly share the playful power of puppetry with your children in the classroom or at home!

       And the ABSOLUTE BEST PART is — (drumroll...)

You NEVER Have To Pick Up A Puppet While Putting These Creative Resources To Work For You And Your Children Ages 4 to 8!  

√ You don't have to think up puppet personalities 
√ You never have to speak through a puppet 
√ You never have to feel "funny" performing with a puppet!   

If you still want to create your own puppet personalities—something I TOTALLY recommend—this Collection will help insprire your own puppeteering efforts as well, but that's NOT NECESSARY for success! :) 

    Just Take A Gander At All Of The Irresistable Resources That Will Instantly Be Yours When You Order This Collection:

    √ Puppet Printable: Mousie and Me Interactive Reader 
         This full-color downloadable, printable reader will delight your
         emergent and beginning readers while helping to strengthen
         reading and writing skills. The full-color format alternates pages
         written by Mousie Mouse with pages your children can
         personalize. This is one book children are eager to complete
         once and read again and again.

    Puppet Video: Introducing the Mousie and Me
Interactive Early Reader
 Watch this video and join puppet friends, Mousie Mouse and
        Horsey Horse, as they take your children on a delightful "book
        walk" designed to show how kids can personalize the pages
        of the Mouise and Me Interactive Early Reader to make the
        story their very own. 

   Puppet Video: Introducing Mousie and Me 
       Vocabulary Cards
In this delightful video,
 our puppet friends, Mousie Mouse
        and H
orsey Horse introduce Mousie and Me Vocabulary
        Cards and demonstrate some fun ways to put the cards to
        work as learning tools. You're sure to think up some of your
        own as well! 

   √ Must-Have Report: Spotlight on Reading
       This essential downloadable report reveals one simple technique
        for instantly improving your children's reading skills and abilities,
        plus key tips for helping to implement the technique!

   √ BONUS! FREE Mini-Poster: 
        "Questions To Ask Children Before And After They

         This is one indespensible resource you'll turn to again and
         again! Handy, downloadable Mini-Poster is chock full of questions
         designed to help children reflect on and respond to literature.
         You can print multiple copies to share with colleagues,
         homeschooling parents, reading teachers, paraprofessionals,
         substitute teachers, volunteers, reading buddies and children
         alike! Post copies in your home or classroom and stash
         extras in your desk and planbook! Brilliant! 

    BONUS! Puppet Video: Introducing the Mini-Poster:
        "Questions To Ask Children Before And After They
Fun and funny video has puppet friends, Mousie Mouse and
         Beany Bichon,  discussing the pros and cons of questioning
         what they read. (Spoiler Alert: Timing is everything!)
         Video provides an entertaining (Translation: you will laugh and
         laugh) and informative introduction to using the Mini-Poster
         with children.

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Remember! By trying these resources with your kids, you become part of a community of people dedicated to keeping fun, creativity, humor and playfulness alive in education.  

Join us today!  Thanks!

Mary Beth Spann

                                  PS  You Have My Word...  
            I want to you feel 100% comfortable ordering my 
    "Done-For-You" Collection of Ready-To-Use Puppet Videos and Printables.
If for any reason, you and your children honestly do NOT enjoy and learn from these resources, just contact me at
                          within ONE FULL YEAR of delivery
       and I will refund every penny you spent, no questions asked,
                                             cross my heart.

Graphic image by http://www.mycutegraphics.com 

  • Mousie and Me
    Interactive Reader
    You'll love this full
    color printable book your children can personalize, read and keep! Repetitive, descriptive langage helps strengthen fluency, comprehension  and writing skills. 

            Read & Write!

  • Puppet Video 
    Enjoy two charming puppet  videos! One walks children through the Mousie and Me book. Another presents games to play with the
    Mousie and Me printable vocabulary cards included.


          Listen & Learn!

  • Mousie and Me
    Vocabulary Cards This printable page helps children review vocabulary words presented in the reader. Games presented in the Mousie and Me Twin-Pack strengthen skills involving matching,  spelling, memory and more! 

            Print & Play!

  • Spotlight on Reading Report and Bonus

    Printable report includes an essential checklist of questioning tips plus a Mini-Poster of "Questions to Ask Children Before and After They Read."

        Question & Grow!

  • Bonus Puppet Video: Using the

    Visit with Mousie  Mouse and Beany Bichon as they present the importance of Using the Mini-Poster of "Questions to Ask Children Before and After They Read." 

          Laugh & Think!