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The 3 EASY STEPS For Transforming Kids' 
Nagging Worries & Complaints Into 

POWERFUL Problem-Solving Activities

THAT BOOST Reading, Writing & Listening Skills!

My Exciting New Puppet Resource Makes It Easy!


Think back to when you were a kid...

Do you remember all the childhood worries and complaints that nibbled at your brain?

Back then...

...√ Did you worry you weren't as smart as the other kids?

...√  Did you fret about friendships?

...√  Did you squabble with siblings?

...√  Did you fear not fitting in?

...√  Did you complain about eating your vegetables?

...√  Did you think your parents were too strict?

If so, you were not alone!

From the dawn of time, kids of all ages have continually entertained all sorts of fears, complaints and worries.

And your kids are no different. I'm sure you hear them whine, complain and moan and groan about issues large and small all day long!

Today's kids worry about doing well in school; they worry about taking tests; they worry about being liked; they worry about relating to teachers and siblings; they worry about family issues; they worry about bullying and about homework and bedtimes; they worry about choosing between truth and lies

...And on, and on, and on...

It's tempting to dismiss most of these complaints as silly.

After all, compared to adult worries that center on BIG issues,
kids' concerns CAN seem trivial...but in fact...

Childhood Worries Often LOOM LARGE In Children's Minds and Hearts AND These Concerns Can Become So Distracting They Actually INTERFERE With Kids' Abilities to Learn!

When kids are worried and stressed about problems real or imagined, their ability to have fun or to focus on important tasks at hand—
like paying attention to schoolwork—drains away.
But, there is good news...

Kids' Worries Can EASILY Be Transformed into the BEST Teaching & Learning Moments EVER!

"How?" you ask.

Well, kids are a lot like you and me. And, just like us, kids find their own worrisome woes (real or imagined) to be FAR MORE INTERESTING than almost anything else on Earth.

That's why, when it comes to their own
personal problems,
kids are automatically motivated to

√ Think about their problems
√ Discuss their problems
√ Write
about their problems

And once kids are able to think about, discuss & write about their worrisome problems, we can help them discover lots of creative ways to GAIN CONTROL over them!

Of course, we don't want kids to feel pressured into sharing their deepest, darkest personal secrets out loud with everyone present—or even on paper—if they are not really ready to do that.

After all,
some kids are just not comfortable spilling their own beans.

But what if there was a way to have kids explore some typical childhood problems WITHOUT the need to have them expose their own private issues???

With this idea in mind, I created a brand-new puppet resource that helps kids explore their problems while ALSO helping them strengthen their
reading, writing, listening and problem-solving skills WITHOUT baring their souls.

"How is that even possible?" you ask.

By having PUPPETS be the ones to present the problems to your kids!

That's why I'm so excited to introduce the all new
educational, inspirational and sensational...

Video Talk SHOW!!!

This new video talk show series features 10 All New Puppet Video Episodes and stars those ever-popular puppet friends, Mouise Mouse & Beany Bichon, answering questions from "real" kids just like yours.

The questions in the videos center on all sorts of fears,
worries and complaints common to children ages 4-8.

They include topics and issues your kids will INSTANTLY
recognize and resonate with!

Here's a Rundown of the Video Episodes Included
In This Unique Collection:

Episode #1: Playground Bully (3:45)
Episode #2: Play Date Problem (4:05)
Episode #3: Candy Thief (4:43)
Episode #4: Cheating on a Test (4:43)
Episode #5: Homework Hassles (4:07)
Episode #6: Found Money (3:27)
Episode #7: Wide Awake at Bedtime (3:33)
Episode #8: Tag-Along Sibling (3:29)
Episode #9: Truth or Lies (3:59)
Episode #10: Junk Food Lover (4:33)

Here's how the videos work:

In each video, Beany reads aloud from a different advice-column- type "letter" sent in to the "Dear Mouise Mouse" Show.
(And who doesn't love a good advice Q&A?)

Our puppet friend, Mousie, then attempts to solve each problem—with improbable and hilarious results.

Ultimately, Mousie and Beany turn to their young viewing audience to ask for their input and solutions.

This compelling format invites your children to consider the problem presented in each video
and to offer their unique ideas for a resolution!

The videos—which combine the best features of an advice column and a TV talk show— provide a perfect springboard for exploring and responding to the same problems your children encounter on
a regular basis without shining a spotlight directly on them
and their personal issues

.......BUT WAIT! There's MORE!

In addition to the 10 Video Episodes included in the
"Dear Mouise Mouse" Video Talk Show, the collection comes
 bundled complete with a
48-page downloadable resource manual:

........... ""The Complete Collection of
Scripts and Printables to Accompany the
'Dear Mousie Mouse' Video Episodes # 1-10!"

This learning-rich digital resource includes:

√ 10 Print-and-Read Scripts—one script for each of
  the 10 "Dear Mousie Mouse" video episodes

√ Ideas for introducing and discussing each
  video episode

√ Printable activity pages for your children to
  record their own unique solutions for resolving
  the dilemas presented in the videos

√ Suggestions for introducing and discussing each
  printable activity page.

As soon as you receive your collection of "Dear Mousie Mouse" videos along with the downloadable resource manual, you can put these tools to work with these 3 Easy Steps:

STEP #1: Watch a "Dear Mousie Mouse" Video Together.

STEP #2: Have Children Identify the Problem Presented In the Video and Brainstorm Possible Solutions For Each.

STEP #3: Use The Printables To Have Children Review the Video then Record And Share Their Solutions

Complete instructions are revealed within the pages of the manual.
In addition, the manual includes MANY other ways to put the print scripts
to work for you and your children, such as...

√ Have children read the scripts aloud or silently
√ Have children read the scripts before, during and/or after viewing the video
√ Use the scripts as Reader's Theater scripts, with
  groups of children taking the parts of the
√ Invite children to underline print features you target: letters or letter combinations, a word or word family endings, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, etc.
√ Have children read scripts aloud to family
  members for homework
√ Have children use puppets and scripts to reenact
√ Encourage children to create and perform new
  episodes of their own.


As your kids view the videos then respond in discussion and in writing to the topics presented, they'll be strengthening reading, writing, listening and problem-solving skills!

And you can share the videos and printables over and over—
kids never tire of watching these fun and funny episodes, and they always love sharing their latest problem-solving ideas!

I want you to be happy! I want you to take your time deciding if these videos appeal to you and your kids.

Mostly, I want you to feel comfortable ordering my


That's why every order comes complete with my very own...


If, for any reason at all, you and your kids are not completely captivated by the
"Dear Mousie Mouse" videos and companion printables, if they do not help your kids practice essential language arts skills as promised, just contact me at support@learningwithpuppets and you will receive a complete refund, no questions asked, Cross-My-Heart! You have ONE FULL YEAR to decide!!! (Plus, we will remain friends forever. )

.....That's why you can order with confidence!

I'm so excited to have you enjoy the "Dear Mousie Mouse" Video Show, Episodes #1-10 PLUS my book of companion printables! Don't delay—ORDER TODAY!


Mary Beth Spann Mank

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